Allianz appointed Hassel and Shape to complete a new office fit-out in their North Sydney premises. The purpose of the project was to consolidate their IT teams from several sites into one new agile space that would set a benchmark for their future projects with reducing noise a focus. Designed to be the perfect collaborating tool to create sub-divisions in an open plan space, Lotus’ Floating Agile Panels and Acoustic Operable Walls were chosen for this project.

The innovative Lotus Floating Agile Panels came with HVG Magnetic Whiteboard finish to create the ultimate collaboration tool by easily gliding the panels to any location on the track which can then be locked down and held in place for ease of writing. The flexible design of the Agile Panels allow you to move panels on demand for activities of the moment.

Lotus 80 Series and 100 Series Acoustic Operable Walls in a range of finishes were used to create privacy and noise reduction within meeting rooms, providing a space to be used where discretion is paramount. When opened, these meeting rooms seamlessly fit into the overall space design and provide an open area for collaboration and events when noise and privacy aren’t a requirement.

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