BG&E – Consultancy with Style

BG&E consolidated from 4 levels in 2 buildings to 2 levels in a new location. The design was to encourage connectivity and a one team culture amongst employees and to create a workplace that supported diversity and different personality types.

The sophisticated BG&E office was brought to life with the use of Lotus’ operable wall and glass operable wall (Opera). The use of glass panelling is extremely important in high-rise office complexes, where visual connectivity to the outdoors can offer a sense of wellbeing, particularly to those in the innermost offices. The glass Opera 100 Series operable wall allows for flexible space layouts, light transfer, visually connected spaces, and acoustic separation. It is designed for applications where acoustic requirements are moderate to high which is ideal for privacy within the boardroom.

Lotus’ operable wall was used with a functional whiteboard for enhanced collaboration and dark colour palette to match the other interior elements.

This contemporary designed workplace epitomizes what it is to be an adaptable work environment, with informal seating areas, open plan zones as well as more traditional boardrooms to support staff and the differing ways they want to work. 

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