Melba College STEAM Centre

The new STEAM Centre at Melba College featured Lotus’ Glas-stax panels, 15 glazed sliding doors and a fit for purpose operable wall.

The design brief required connection with the outside as an important design aspect, as well as good acoustic performance between technology and steam areas and flexibility.

The inclusion of Glas-stax fineframe glass panelling within the courtyard design allows for space saving and maximises the indoor/outside connection as a social and workspace, whilst providing the natural flow of light and an interior protected from the elements.

Lotus acoustic glazed sliders were used throughout the STEAM labs and classrooms to allow for flexible configuration of spaces. This product easily allows for the high volume of traffic to flow through the area as required, natural light and visual connectivity between spaces and optimal acoustic performance, preventing noise from interrupting quiet design spaces.

The porcelain whiteboard operable wall in a centre stacking configuration has been used to facilitate different activities, both large and small in the same space, creating flexibility and collaboration with this incredible adaptive design, ensuring students can not only perform but thrive.

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