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At Lotus we care about our customers who use and experience our products every day. So that is why a service call-out is as important to us as a sale. Lotus has an excellent reputation for responding quickly in the unlikely event that you require a call-out.

To protect your investment and ensure optimum performance of your Lotus products, we highly recommend annual servicing (as a minimum). However, required servicing intervals can vary, and we will advise what suits your needs and budget after a site inspection.

If you believe your Lotus product needs a service or repair work, then we can provide a one-off service visit.

A regular maintenance service is also available for larger, complex installations.

Additionally, we can offer of a Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) for a set term. Lotus offers fixed pricing for the term of the PMA and scheduled annual services to maintain optimum performance.

Our Service Managers are technically trained to assist with both repairs and general servicing.

After Sales


When a project is complete and the tenant has moved in, a Lotus representative will be in touch to demonstrate the use of the product and provide printed instructions. A quality post-check is also completed before the architect/builder receives a handover copy.



All purchases come with on-site demonstrations to ensure that customers understand the correct operation of the system.

Contact us on (03) 9771 8200 to book an on-site demonstration.



All our products are researched, designed and tested in-house. Our Quality Assurance system submits every panel to an Inspection and Test Plan, and trolley systems provide lifetime performance.

Lotus offers a one-year warranty on all walls installed by Lotus employees (or authorised representatives). Additional warranty terms are available when one of our Preventative Maintenance Agreements is purchased.

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To protect your investment and ensure the optimum performance we highly recommend we perform (minimum) annual servicing of your Lotus wall system(s). Contact us now by filling out the form or call us on 1300 023 747. Alternatively email us on

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