125 Series Opera

Opera combines the integrity and flexibility of a Lotus operable wall with the contemporary look of glass. It allows for flexible space layouts, light transfer, visually connected spaces, and acoustic separation.

Lotus is proud to launch Opera Switch which takes flexibility to a whole new level. At the push of a button the Opera Switch Wall is clear to allow maximum light transfer then transforms to opaque to ensure privacy when required. Please note the Switchable glass technology used in this product manifests a slight haze in its β€˜on’ state. For more information on Opera Switch please contact your local Lotus representative.

Product Summary Product Options
  1. Class leading acoustic performance - Rw 46-50
  2. Available in a range of glass finishes including clear, coloured, tinted, translucent or a graphic image applied by a film.
  3. Glass is either toughened or laminated.
  4. AS/NZS ISO 717.1-2004 certified.

You can customise your Lotus Opera wall by considering:

  1. Frame finish - anodised or powdercoated available
  2. Stacking configurations
  3. The type of closure
  4. Glass finish option
  5. Opera Switch, now available incorporating Switch Glass technology
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